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Kindergarten 1

Key to Learning: Construction

A programme that engages children to use building blocks to develop cognitive skills, mathematical concepts and language. Set in a fun and enjoyable environment, children will be able to display their problem-solving skills through thinking, planning, and organizing.

With the same amount of blocks (1 small prism, 1 thin sheet, 2 cubes), Damien, Ignatius and Jovan (MG1) can come up with 3 different house!

Goldilocks and the Three Bears

By following the 2D pictures, children are able to work together to build chairs and beds according to the different sizes to suit the 3 bears (Baby bear, Mama bear and Papa bear) using 3D blocks. 

image005.jpg image003.jpg

Help Toby the clown

Children will listen to the story of Toby, and complete their map. With their completed map, they will work together as a team and build a 3D map. 

image007.jpg image009.jpg
image010.jpg image008.jpg

Humpty Dumpty

Children will build the right size of wall for Humpty Dumpty to sit on without falling.

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