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Our Curriculum

Holistic Curriculum

Holistic development of children recognises that the areas of development and learning are inter-connected. Hence each aspect of a child's development should be recognised and valued in order to maximise the potential of the child. The Ascension Curriculum provides a myriad of learning experiences, which impact the child's physical, social, emotional and cognitive development. We integrate the domains to bring about more meaningful experiences for both teachers and most importantly, children who learn and see the experiences as meaningful wholes.

Engaging Learning Environment

The learning environment at Ascension Kindergarten is poised to engage children in learning through play. As we go about our daily routine and immerse ourselves in the implementation of activities, teachers plan, facilitate, observe and assess children's learning in a systematic manner. By doing so, teachers continuously make informed decisions and use the information to challenge children to make connections and create new understanding.

Learning Outcomes

We belief that children are curious, active and competent learners. We provide opportunities for your child to discover that learning is fun and meaningful. Our main focus is learning through play, which provides opportunities for your child to learn to:

  • communicate effectively
  • understand and respect others
  • express their emotions and feelings
  • be aware of their natural surroundings
  • think creatively, clearly and analytically
  • solve problems logically
  • develop observational skills
  • enjoy acting and role playing
  • have a good sense of rhythm and melody
  • explore through hands-on activities
  • develop fundamental physical coordination and healthy habits
  • enjoy a variety of visual and creative arts.

Activities include:
  • Outdoor Play                
  • Indoor Play
  • Music and Movement
  • Visual and Creative Arts

Small Group Learning
Discovery  of the world
Special Program –
1) You Can Do It! Education Program
2) Motor Development
3) Key to Learning – Construction